The Grammar of a Future New International Economic Order

I’m on the road for an exciting new book project. It’s hard to imagine posting with even less frequency here, but to make up for an absence of New Things, here’s a piece I wrote for the good folk at Progressive International, which I forgot to share a little while back. If nothing else, I hope the opening quote, from Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, points you to their incredible work.

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EPA Pesticide approvals 1975-2022

It has been so long since I updated this site, it’s a little beyond embarrassing. The reasons are many: the promotional tour for book and film, teaching two courses, plotting a lot of writing with IPES, etc. But now that I’m working on a big solo book – more on that in the months to come – I’m falling back into the rhythms of research and writing that once used to make maintaining a blog both viable and useful. Watch this space for more.

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The Indian government has done all kinds of things in the name of modernisation. To get food rations and social grants, for instance, Indians have to submit to a state of the art biometric scanning system. When farmworkers fingertips are rubbed away through manual labour, they render themselves unidentifiable to machines, and are denied benefits. Witness, progress.

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