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Gone in 60 Seconds

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On Saturday, Brainy and I went to this counterprotest, where we marched against the people who shoot immigrants coming across the border. No, not the Bureau of Homeland Security, but the people who shoot without a licence – the Minutemen.

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Pakistan Quake

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Oxfam is pointing out the obvious once again, but it really doesn’t hurt to restate – people in the aftermath of the South Asian earthquake are being allowed to die. The UN is finding it unusually hard to raise cash. The Beeb reports Oxfam as saying Keep Reading »

She was also fined $14

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In memoriam, Rosa Parks .

Capitalist Nigger

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Chika Onyeani, author of Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success: A Spider-Web Doctrine , is full of shit. He’s in South Africa at the moment, promoting his uniquely odious mixture of self-loathing, lies, and unreconstructed stupidity. Here’s a bit from the Mail and Guardian’s interview with him.

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The End of Jeffrey Sachs

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Just been reading a paper in the European Economic Review by Elizabeth Brainerd (2001:1007-1019), on the relation between suicide and those inequities, thefts, corruptions and killings that are sanitised by the name “Economic Transition”. I know I’ve opined about Jeffrey Sachs on these pages before (though I don’t believe that I recorded that Columbia University students, in their end of year review, performed a broadway musical number in his honour to the tune of “Jesus Christ, Superstar”, the chorus being “Jeffrey Sachs, Jeffrey Sachs, Turn your PR Machine to the max”). But one can never be reminded too often of the horrors that Sachs and his Harvard-based colleagues inflicted on Russia, particularly as Sachs has since tried to reinvent himself as Bono’s guru, and White Wizard of Poverty Alleviation.

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Better living through Stalin

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The BBC reports on Stalin’s Gujarati antics. Heartwarming stuff.