Buy Nothing Day

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day when US consumers rush to the shops, and spend until their eyes bleed. But tomorrow doesn’t inevitably have to involve running around with a credit card and bags of crap we don’t need.

One man who takes shopping’s stigmata very seriously is the Reverend Billy, preacher at the Church of Stop Shopping.
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US food waste: 1400 calories per person per day

The parental commandment to ‘eat up because people are going hungry’ is, from a strictly economic point of view, nonsense. Eating less of the food on your plate for which, presumably, you have already paid will not increase the incomes of the hungry nor will leaving your greens and mash potatoes reduce the price of food for the poor.

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The Value of Nothing – a preview

Here’s a bit of a plug for the new book – out in the UK in December, in the US in January. I was lucky enough to get to make this book trailer with Scott Hamilton Kennedy, whose documentary about the South Central Los Angeles farm, The Garden was spectacular, well deserving the Oscar nod that it got (and it was a particularly good year to be nominated ). Continue reading “The Value of Nothing – a preview”