South Africa Solidarity at the World Social Forum

It’s very exciting to see two very different social movements, of South African Shackdwellers and of Southern Florida tomato pickers, supporting one another in this short video from the US Social Forum.  A short note from the film-makers explains it all, below the fold.

As the World Cup began in South Africa in June 2010, the social movements of the Poor People’s Alliance faced off against the governing elite’s escalation of harassment, displacement and repression.  [For some background, see media items from Left Turn magazine here, and Democracy Now! TV here and here.]   At the same time, activists gathered at the second United States Social Forum — to bring together U.S.-based movements fighting poverty and racism and oppression, within the States as well as globally.  Some of the poor people’s organizations that gathered in the embattled and resilient, mostly-Black city of Detroit for the USSF had met with members of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign who visited the U.S. in 2009, finding common cause and inspiration in their creative struggles and visions for a better world.  [For examples of New York City-based solidarity statements and actions, see here and here.]

On June 25 in Detroit, members of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Picture the Homeless, Poverty Initiative, and other movement activists at the USSF gathered to play futbol — as a solidarity message to our allies in South Africa and their Poor People’s World Cup games happening at the same time.
We are with you!   La lucha continua!   Amandla Awethu!

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  1. Power to the people! Solidarity. Human rights. Justice. Sanity. Reality. The Land. Mother Earth who supplies all her children. Peace. Harmony.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings have certain inalienable rights and among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Among the “among those” are 1) food (nourishing food) 2) shelter (adequate shelter) 3) work (at a living wage) 4) state of the art health care (including alternative health care) and 5) education (for all, continually without restrictions) <=yes all these things are indeed possible.

    So, what are the real hinderances to these basic human rights?

    In my view, it is a basic systemic error at the very top levels of world power and control. A basic dysfunctional philosophy which is in every sense the Nazi Fourth Reich which deems certain elitist individuals of status and wealth to be Ubermenchen and therefore with a "divine" right to control all other beings for their own selfish agenda. The world is presently controlled by the worst criminals who ever walked upon the earth. How? Money, war, terror, energy, mind-control, continual social engineering.

    Although many call the ambition for world hegemony a "conspiracy theory" many are now starting to realize that such megalomania is indeed a reality. It shouldn't be hard to see. Hitler, Napolean, Caesar, Mussolini, Stalin and many others throughout history have thoroughly demonstrated this megalomaniac propensity. Malignant Egophrenia as some psychologists call it. Do we think it just went away? Oh no.

    These social movements express the inner intention of those desiring a pure heart of love and sharing, but, like Nelson Mandela, once they fight tooth and claw to the top of the heap, they become corrupted and willingly play-ball with those who control all the world's money. Their ideas, ideals and pure inner intentions are replaced with the philosophy of poison in which they now fully participate because they believe it is the only game in town for any accomplishment to take place. And, it would appear so.

    Did they stand up for human rights just to fight their way up to the cap stone of the pyramid power-trip in order to become exactly like those they once disdained? Amazing how whatever one hates they become. Is power, control, money, war, polarization, fear, violence the only game in town for anything to directly effect social injustice? Yes, at this point it indeed is. But people all over the world are beginning to see through this fraud run by those of a 100% Nazi mindset.

    The most successful and non-violent communist group that ever existed on Mother Earth was the earliest group of Christ's disciples. They had all things common. Later, when totalitarian Rome usurped Christ and formed an "ianity," priestcraft reigned and still does today.

    What happens with all the present social movements is that they become infiltrated by agent provocateurs who are minions sent to assure that nothing changes toward establishing the basic human rights. Maintaining human slavery is their goal. They do this by sowing dissention and division. The Powers-That-Be always take BOTH sides of every issue. That way, they are able to exercise full control over the outcome. This is a long and well known technique and it works as long as those being duped are not aware of it. None of these frauds and world Ponzi schemes can work without secrecy and deception.

    So, what is the answer?

    In my view, it is this: establish a basic hearts intention for human rights, justice, peace on earth and goodwill toward men, creativity, freedom, growing ones own food. Make that a PRIMARY inner intention. Expect the social movements to become corrupted because they will. Keep a firm eye on those establishing policy in these movements. But, nevertheless, keep re-establishing them when they become corrupted.

    What is coming upon this earth is unique in history. It is a change from the inside out due to natural cosmic circumstances and the nexus of many cosmic cycles all at once.

    The present control paradigm is in its last days and they fully know it. That is why they are especially virulent. They are like rabid dogs. The Gulf Mega-Catastrophe is both due to natural circumstances and sabotage. There was a problem clear back in Feburary because BP drilled into a huge methane deposit under extremely high pressure. With the HAARP technology they now KNOW exactly what is underground and underwater. So this was not an accident but they got more than they bargained for. On April 20th (Hitler's birthday) SABOTAGE took place. And, there is growing evidence for this. Interpol was and is closing in on the Criminal World Financial Cartel–see Christopher Story's long investigation. The jig is up for these despots. These Nazi controllers have initiated a "scorched earth" policy in their total psychosis. If they can't have their megalomaniac ambitions they are willing to commit suicide–exactly like their spiritual mentor Adolph Hitler.

    Now, I do not expect anyone to believe this but this is what my fifty years of research has uncovered as well as the research of many others that intuitively knew that something was very wrong and were determined to find out what.

    So, the answer is to stand up for basic human rights and create a New Paradigm as best you can where you stand. Just beginning to live and think in this new way produces a frequency change–a timeline change and it will be blessed with synchronicity because it is in harmony with Nature's timing, the basic intention of the Universal infinite energy and intelligence and our purpose for being upon this planet–to become the careGIVERS of Mother Earth and all her children. To tend the garden in the broadest sense of that phrase. This New Earth, now being born into our collective human consciousness, will be. But, the transition will be more or less chaotic–so stand firm.


  2. Thank you, Raj Patel, for meaningful attention to the poor and the homeless given respect. The outstanding strength noticed is solidarity between people fighting together for a cause.

    Christ’s followers are more correctly associated with
    individual-choice socialism. The Law of God takes each man’s circumstance into account, including the poor.

    Excerpt from The Way home or face The Fire:-
    9;90 Jesus was the world’s first, best and most famous socialist. However, socialism has to be on an individual-choice basis, just like talking to God, because, once it becomes an organisation, it goes all wrong, just like religion.

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