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Do the Right Thing

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The Coalition of Immokalee Workers are pushing forward with their wage demands, targeting two supermarket giants – Publix and Ahold. I’ll be taking aim at Ahold a little later next month, but if you’re on the East Coast of the US, you can join in right now – find out more at the CIW’s Do The Right Thing campaign page.

Democracy Activists Arrested in Zimbabwe

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After Egypt, activists around the world have had the wind at their backs and the state at their throats. In Libya, Bahrain, Jordan , and from Wisconsin to South Africa, the streets have become – more conspicuously than usual – battlefields. Governments have struck back. In Zimbabwe, some of the finest activists have recently been rounded up and detained. Below, a call for solidarity. Here, a facebook page to keep up to date.
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The Color of Food

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Graph of different wage rates by gender and race

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Revolution’s Kindling

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I wrote this yesterday for the NY Times’ Room for Debate series, before today’s momentous news. Watch this space for more on Egypt…

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Caspar, CA

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A talk on The barriers to food sovereignty in Northern California.

The Sugar Parasites

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The World Sugar Committee has criticised ‘parasitic’ traders for the surging price of sugar, which is now at its highest level for thirty years. This is, of course, unfair. A mounting body of evidence suggests that parasites can be beneficial to their hosts. But, as John Cassidy recently put it, Keep Reading »

Are High Food Prices Fueling Revolution in Egypt?

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The Scientific American presents arresting figures on the share of income that Egyptians spend on food (40% since you ask) but, sadly, the data from this Bloomberg report gets mangled in the transcription. Still, worth a look.

Message from Dakar: Peasants confront Land Grabs, Violence against Women, and AGRA

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Via Campesina sends this message, and invitation, to all at the World Social Forum in Dakar. Keep Reading »