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Great news from #SouthAfrica a…

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Great news from #SouthAfrica and a perfect birthday gift for Nelson Mandela-The Kennedy 12 have been freed.

Dear Mandela

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Good news from South Africa today. No, the news isn’t that Nelson Mandela is 93 today. It’s something far more in keeping with Mandela’s spirit and struggle.

The Kennedy 12 – twelve men accused of a range of crimes, including murder – have been acquitted. It’s becoming increasingly clear that they were framed. The government couldn’t stand the idea of poor people in the poorest areas of the city thinking and organizing for themselves, and so they used the party apparatus, the police, thugs and state power to first terrorize a shack settlement, and then to use that terror as an alibi to lock up the innocent. It has taken three years to clear the names of the Kennedy 12. The Unemployed Peoples Movement, Bishop Michael Vorster, Bishop Ruben Philip and Abahlali baseMjondolo themselves have shared the news already.

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Agroecology Round Up

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Last month, La Via Campesina held an agroecology training workshop in Zimbabwe. Most of the time was spent, as you’d expect, learning about what agroecology actually means, but they also drafted a declaration, the full text of which is here, and from which this paragraph makes an economic case for sustainable farming methods. Keep Reading »

San Francisco, CA

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Farmworker Justice Event & March through Mission to SOMA Trader Joe’s!

Sunday, July 17th @ 4:00 pm
Center for Political Education
522 Valencia St., 3rd floor

Join the Bay Area community in welcoming the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to California and learning about this Florida-based farmworker organization’s innovative and highly successful Campaign for Fair Food.

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The massive unreported #landgr…

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The massive unreported #landgrab in China is behind unrest and protest. Women are the most vulnerable.

Excellent take-down of pop dev…

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Excellent take-down of pop development economics – esp Paul Collier – by Yale’s Mike McGovern

#ViaCampesina “will not wait f…

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#ViaCampesina “will not wait for our governments” to fix the food crisis.