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Beyond Foodworkers’ Karmic Tip Jar This Thanksgiving

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Via the Huffington Post

Thanksgiving is an odd holiday for those of us born outside the U.S. I studied it for the citizenship test, where it’s an answer to the question “Name two national U.S. holidays.” But I never managed to shake the feeling that I was doing it wrong. This year, though, I’ll be getting the hang of it thanks to a lot of people who won’t be at my table.

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Food Sovereignty: A Breviary

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I was very pleased to write this piece for The Financial Times and very pressed to condense the idea of ‘food sovereignty’ down to 600 words. If you’d like to know more, here’s a slightly lengthier treatment.

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This Land Is Our Land?

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Bob St Peter, a man about whom you’ll be hearing a great deal over the next few years, co-wrote this piece with me for the good people at Civil Eats. Thanks to them, and everyone who donated to support their Kickstarter project.

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