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An Atmospheric Commons

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There’s a splendid commentary up at The Commoner, where Massimo De Angelis offers a fine analysis of the fiasco unfolding in Copenhagen, and why bringing the ‘atmospheric commons’ under market rule will not end well. The Commoner is now on the blogroll, Massimo’s latest book is The Beginning of History and you can read his thoughts on climate change here.

Origin of the World Trade Organization

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Cover of Mirrors

The latest book by Eduardo Galeano is as insightful as we’ve come to expect. Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone contains more history and analysis than a year of ‘history of civilization’ classes, with much more beauty and grace. In the battle of memory against forgetting, Galeano offers an arsenal. A tidbit below the fold, on the origin of the World Trade Organization.

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Two from Copenhagen

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Airports. Bad for me. Bad for environment. Good for blogging in departure lounge. Two top resources from the Copenhagen climate change. The first from Henry Saragih of Via Campesina on Why We Left our Farms for Copenhagen below.  Disappointingly, women don’t get a mention at all, but there are many resources, most accessibly here and most comprehensively at Gender cc. More below the fold. Keep Reading »


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I should have been posting a little more than I have over the past week or so, but I’ve been murderously busy with the UK publicity tour for The Value of Nothing which ended gloriously this morning with a five minute crossing of swords on BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme. I’m heading to Malawi today, which means being offline for a week or two, but when I come back, expect thoughts on Copenhagen, economic recovery, and how much you can eat for $1 a day.

The Value of Nothing – UK Animation

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Cineforum Climate Change Conference

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Cineforum Climate Change Conference event, discussion on new economic paradigms, with Malini Mehr. More information here. Wallacespace, 22 Dukes Road, London, WC1H 9PN

Buy Nothing Day

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The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day when US consumers rush to the shops, and spend until their eyes bleed. But tomorrow doesn’t inevitably have to involve running around with a credit card and bags of crap we don’t need.

One man who takes shopping’s stigmata very seriously is the Reverend Billy, preacher at the Church of Stop Shopping.
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US food waste: 1400 calories per person per day

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The parental commandment to ‘eat up because people are going hungry’ is, from a strictly economic point of view, nonsense. Eating less of the food on your plate for which, presumably, you have already paid will not increase the incomes of the hungry nor will leaving your greens and mash potatoes reduce the price of food for the poor.

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The Value of Nothing in the UK

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value of nothing uk book cover

I’m going to be in the UK for the launch of The Value of Nothing next week, and I’ll be giving talks at the London School of Economics on Tues Dec 1, the Bristol Festival of Ideas on Weds Dec 2, and City University on Thurs Dec 3. Keep Reading »

Carbon trading: How it Works and Why it Fails

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In the run-up to Copenhagen, a splendid new booklet by Oscar Reyes and Tamra Gilbertson and published by the Trans National Institute is an arsenal of analysis and counter-point. And it’s short. Just the sort of thing to arm yourself with before the media starts getting it wrong in the run-up to next month’s summit.