Wendy’s Promises are as Empty as a Fast Food Calorie

This piece was originally posted at The Huffington Post

Wendy’s, the world’s third largest burger joint, is having a makeover. From being “Wendy’s Old Fashioned Burgers” we’re now told it’s just “Wendy’s.” The ginger-haired befreckled Wendy remains on the logo, though in their TV spots she’s a hipper twentysomething. Yet behind the new facade lie some very old-fashioned attitudes.

CIW Protest outside Wendy's
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Website shenanigans

Part of the reason I’ve been a bit quiet here is because RajPatel.org is acting up a little, with hackers figuring out increasingly smart ways to inject malicious code into the site. After the most recent blacklisting by Google, I’m determined to get it under control. I’m turning off the comments feature – which has already been hacked a couple of times – to see if that keeps this site malware-free for a couple of months. Apologies if your comments have been, or will, get lost in the hacking battle. If that does the trick, I’ll find an alternative way to make sure that comments can continue to be posted. If not, looks like I’ll be migrating off WordPress.

Last words on l’affaire Lynas

Three last things on the Mark Lynas story (some of which is reprised by the CBC here). First, thanks to Daniel “Foodieana Jones” Bowman Simon for observing that I have, contrary to a previous statement, heard of Mark Lynas. I’ve even cited him, in an academic piece on food rebellions. Although his original ‘Selling Starvation’ piece in CorporateWatch magazine isn’t on the original site, the good folk at the Internet Archive have it here.

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