Ah, the pain of it. Several good jokes and insights into the goings on at the Bio 2004 conference have just been blown away by a dysfunctional computer. Guess I’ll be spending some time on the phone to Toshiba, but not before heading out to support the comrades at Reclaim the Commons. More from that protest over at the Turtle, later today.

On the streets again

The technology gods have decreed that I am to sacrifice blogging today in order to spend time kicking malfunctioning networking equipment. But not before I direct folk to the SF Indymedia site . The protest against the war yesterday was smaller than it ought to have been. The people of colour contingent, “Strength in Unity”, was spirited, but the tenor was a little more resigned than I’ve seen at the protest. Many banners depicted the hooded, wired prisoner at Abu Ghraib. The disgust over prisoner abuse renders joyless the “another white, lesbian, biker, Berkeley mother for peace”-style placard.


Call it the jouissance of initial self-discovery, liken it to the first happy fumblings after we’ve discovered how to masturbate, understand it by showing that this is the self-conscious exploration of the boundaries of new media, but the blogging community seems particularly fond of talking about, er, blogging. I don’t mind it – I enjoy the thoughtful, reflective moments at fine members of the blogroll (column right) and, yes, I know, I am right now shuffling a self-referential handful into the pot.

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Victory on day 26!

A splendid development in the fight to save schools – Schwarzenegger signed a deal allowing highly concessional interest rates (1.7%) for “the poorest school districts” allowing them to survive the next two years. Obviously, there’s still a long way to go, but this is nonetheless an important victory.

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The price of oil

A slow return to cyberspace today, from an internet cafe.

While offline, I’ve been keeping an eye on the price of oil debate. There is, of course, a great deal of fuss about the price of a barrel breaching $40, especially and predictably in the United States. It has been tremendously instructive to watch C”N”N’s response to all this. C”N”N’s parade of experts from the American Petroluem Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and other palaces of good sense has been the embodiment of Noam Chomsky’s famous sentence: “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously”. All the white men in suits wheeled out to opine on the price spike speak in well-formed English sentences, to be sure, but they make fuck-all sense. Among the idiocies proposed to solve the problem – drilling in the Arctic and tapping the strategic oil reserve. Elsewhere, proposals include lower fuel taxes, and invading Venezuela. This will, of course, do nothing to solve the underlying problem. While in the longer term, there’s a big demand crunch, supply is more than able to keep up in the short term.

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Memento mori

A number of people have thought to deploy Susan Sontag’s thoughts on photography to think about Abu Ghraib, including Sontag herself in Sunday’s New York Times.

I’m not entirely happy with the interpretations I’ve read so far, and am penning something that will soon appear at the Voice of the Turtle. One of the better commentaries, though, is to be found in a soon-to-be published piece by Eric Cheyfitz, in which there’s a painful reminder of the genealogy of trophy photos of abused people of colour.

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