Raj Talks About Food Policy Councils on Current TV

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How do communities overcome local food issues like food deserts and big-box grocery stores?

Berkeley, CA

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EE103: The Green Revolution – Raj Patel, Author, Activist, Economist

New York, NY

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The world population is estimated to surpass 8 billion people in the next 20 years—how can we ensure that our food system will sustain us? Join us for an exciting round-table discussion exploring long-term global food security.

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Jim Goodman, US Dairy Farmer, Talks about Food Sovereignty

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Jim Goodman, at the Kickapoo County Fair, talks with Raj about the state of Dairy Farming in the US.

Oakland, CA

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Phat Beets Community Workshop Series
Come check out the Food N’ Justice Workshop series. Always free at the Saturday North Oakland Farmers’ Market, usually 11-1pm. Our workshop series is located at:
942 Stanford St, Oakland 94608 @Lowell

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Berkeley, CA

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Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice

Please join us for an evening with Raj Patel and Heather Day (CAGJ) to celebrate our emerging new food systems! Our Food Our Right is a new publication of Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ), a Seattle-based grassroots organization, with a foreword by Raj Patel (renowned author and food activist).

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More Dirty Tricks in California’s GMO labeling Campaign

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Big Ag is running a massive misinformation campaign here in California to persuade people to vote against labeling genetically modified crops. (Michele Simon has been following it diligently.) Yesterday, the campaign’s endgame fluttered through Berkeley residents’ mail boxes.

It’s a strange voter guide that looks sufficiently like the California Democratic Party’s actual endorsements to be plausible, but with two changes.

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Food Myths Busted

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The fine Anna Lappé has put together a splendid short film on the lies told by industrial agriculture lobbyists, and the ad agencies that love them.

Please share far and wide, and check out the resources at FoodMythBusters.

The Soils of War

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The top grossing film in the United States this weekend was Argo, an above average caper about how the CIA smuggled six embassy staff out of the country during the Iran hostage crisis.

Argo’s Agricultural Attaché (right)

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ProSavana, AntiPeasant

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It’s not just pith-helmeted Europeans or slick North Americans headed off to buy up Africa. Brazil and Japan are in on the game too. But there’s always a fight back – this time from the UNAC peasant movement in Mozambique. Below the fold, you can read their views on this exciting development opportunity. Keep Reading »