Sorry for the late but I was in prison

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Here’s a guest posting from the splendid Rupa of Rupa and the April Fishes. Their album, Build, is just out, and you might recognise the title track from the Generation Food trailer. Below, a video for “Weeds”, and a story of the video’s director. Keep Reading »

#EndChildhoodObesity with @Par…

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#EndChildhoodObesity with @ParentEarth

MT @ciw: BREAKING! @ChipotleTw…

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MT @ciw: BREAKING! @ChipotleTweets signs Fair Food Agreement w/Coalition of Immokalee Workers! #FairFoodNation

Myth: We can’t solve hunger….

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Myth: We can’t solve hunger. Fact: There is more than enough food to feed everyone. #foodsovprize winners show how

Toronto’s municipal war on fre…

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Toronto’s municipal war on free veggies for the poor #Occupy

How did I miss @bittman’s piec…

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How did I miss @bittman‘s piece on Alzheimer’s being Type 3 Diabetes? Suspect I need to lay off the sugary treats.

Meantime, check out Rupa &…

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Meantime, check out Rupa & April Fishes’ new tracks, and La Semilla’s Well campaign

Aaaand we’re back. The @FoodGe…

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Aaaand we’re back. The @FoodGeneration team was in Malawi and has returned with some incredible stories. Watch this space for more, soonish.

Two contributions to the organ…

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Two contributions to the organic/nutrition bun fight – Miguel Altieri’s and mine

Austin, TX

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Join us at the Stateside at the Paramount for an inspirational evening featuring writer and activist Raj Patel.

The author of bestsellers on food (Stuffed and Starved) and economics (The Value of Nothing), Patel is working on a new multimedia project with award-winning documentary filmmaker Steve James, the director of “Hoop Dreams” and “The Interrupters.” The “Generation Food” project will show how ordinary people around the world are overcoming obstacles and “setting the table” for themselves, their communities, and generations to come using better, smarter ways of growing food and feeding the world than the industrial agriculture system.

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