Hunger for learning

Serious blogging begins in earnest today with the fight for a Port-a-Potty. In today’s inbox I find this:

The Hunger Strike for Education is under attack by the City of Oakland. After making their 70 mile march to Sacramento, a group of committed teachers, students, parents and community leaders have begun a hunger strike in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza (14th and Broadway at the 12th Street BART Station) to demand, as the 50 year anniversary of Brown v Board approaches, that the State of California provide adequate and equitable education for its children.

The City of Oakland has decided to fight these entirely unreasonable demands by removing the portable toilet brought by the hunger strikers, and by sending Oakland’s finest to rescue the First Amendment from possible use by dissidents, through constant demands that the protesters keep moving throughout the night. These two attempts to regulate the movements of the people are, of course, despicable.

Below, a list of city employees we should be emailing. I’m thinking here not only of my email-harvesting-for-the-purposes-of-sending-billows-of-spam audience, but also of those outraged by the City’s behaviour. This is Oakland, people. Home of the Black Panthers. Help the City remember by registering your disapproval with:,,,,,,,,,,,

Let them know what you think of their persecution of protestors. And that you want them to be spending money on books, not cops.

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