Best Headline Ever

Over at Mischievous Constructions, I read of a hunt for the best headline for a review of Troy which, incidentally, I didn’t like less than some people didn’t like it.

Here’s a tangent. Yesterday’s Financial Times had an important back-page article on inequality among the super rich. The gist of it involves Paul Allen, Microsoft employee #2, and the envy inspired in his already-comfortably-wealthy colleagues by his fondness for private ships:

Mr Allen refuses to discuss his boats. But industry observers estimate that he paid at least $200m for Octopus [his own private liner] and will have to spend millions more every year just to keep it afloat. According to one person who was given a guided tour last week, filling the fuel tank alone costs about $250,000.

The headline: “Gulf widens between the haves and the have-yachts”.

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