We’re All Going to Die #4

The Guardian reported last week that Ron Oxburgh, chairman of Shell, is “really very worried for the planet”.

In an interview in today’s Guardian Life section, Ron Oxburgh, chairman

of Shell, says we urgently need to capture emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which scientists think contribute to global warming, and store them underground – a technique called carbon sequestration.

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Things a bit buggered down this end. Not sure what’s going on. Hence this test.


Hurrah! Problems solved. An ‘upgrade’ at the Turtle’s ISP brought the Turtle, this blog and my email to a grinding halt. Sorted now.


Blogging likely to be intermittent over the next couple of weeks. Many deadlines and a bunch of travel…

More World, Less Bank, says Bank.

Every time I’m surprised by the World Bank, it’s not because it’s an awful organization that’s discovered a new way to do much more harm than good. This is, of course, normal for the Bank, and one oughtn’t to be surprised by this. No, what always catches my breath is the chutzpah along the way. Today, the comrades over at the International Rivers Network have caught the World Bank at it again. It’s the usual story of environmental standards more honoured in the breach than in the observance. Except this time it’s slightly different.

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