Call it the jouissance of initial self-discovery, liken it to the first happy fumblings after we’ve discovered how to masturbate, understand it by showing that this is the self-conscious exploration of the boundaries of new media, but the blogging community seems particularly fond of talking about, er, blogging. I don’t mind it – I enjoy the thoughtful, reflective moments at fine members of the blogroll (column right) and, yes, I know, I am right now shuffling a self-referential handful into the pot.

But it’s nice to see an increasing sophistication in blogging philology, away from “is this a sentence?” towards “is this a blog?”. FreewayBlogger, for instance, does us a great service by materialising the world of blog, hauling us out of cyberspace and onto the streets, where we should probably be spending more time than we do.

I’m off to get a sharpie and some card. [Via Retort]

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