We’re All Going to Die #5

It seems as if trouble-makers are aiming to disrupt the US elections. Instead of chasing up the folk who fucked it up the last time (try clicking this peppery URL), the Department of Homeland Security have put the past behind them, choosing instead to look boldly, if vaguely, into the future. They claim to have received “credible intelligence” that Al Qaeda are going to “disrupt our democratic process”.

Although Tom Ridge denies any specific threats to the National Conventions, it’s not a stretch to see his warning as a threat to activists such as Direct Action to Stop the War. DASW have every intention of resurrecting some of the better elements of US democratic process, by disrupting the Conventions. Check out RNC Not Welcome, which organizers are hoping will bring tens of thousands to New York City at the end of August, as well as DNC2RNC, a march scheduled to begin at the Democratic National Convention later this month.


The New York Times tells of the trouble the Republican National Convention Committee have had in finding appropriate Broadway shows for its delegates.

No one will be sent to see Mark Medoff’s play “Prymate,” for example, a show that confronts racial sensitivities and has a black actor playing a gorilla. They will not be sent to Tony Kushner’s “Caroline, or Change,” a serious musical about civil rights. In fact, they will not be sent to anything that touches on contemporary issues.

They will, however, get a touch of philosophy in “The Lion King” when a meerkat and a wart hog sing “Hakuna Matata,” the upbeat tune that advises the audience to live with “no worries.” In “Wonderful Town,” they will get the characters Ruth and Eileen Sherwood singing in “Ohio” of how they long for their home state after coming to Manhattan.

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Update 2

The market has responded to Ridge. Futures on oil are above $40. This, no more nor less, is the political economy of fear.