London and me

I’m not a fan of London, and every time I return, I hone my reasons for not liking it here. So, for instance, the “fly Emirates” logos plastered all over the umpires in today’s test series: rubbish.

Trouble is, everytime I come, I’m reminded that London has more than its fair share of urban splendour. They tend to be associated, for me at least, with public transport. Call be a girly man, I’ve a very soft spot for Poems on the Underground  and, today, I’m reminded that while people over the world say the darndest things, the people on the London Underground edit down much better. Fer instance:

  • People keep saying that it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity… but it clearly IS the heat.
  • I swear, I’ve lived in London my whole life and I’ve never heard of Dollis Hill.
  • Rosh Hashanah is a better festival than Glastonbury.
  • I use the old ‘yoghurt pots and string’ routine. Untraceable.

Via Li.

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