Mark Thatcher Ha Ha Ha

The news of Mark Thatcher’s arrest has been causing much rubbing of hands here in South Africa. Always nice to see a comeuppance, and doubly nice that his odious mother is reportedly ‘upset’. Among the many articles on it at the Guardian, John O’Farrell’s is worth a look.

Two bits of supplementary information from the papers here in South Africa: apparently, when the police found him, he was surrounded by his wife, children and fourteen domestic workers. This may seem an unreasonably high number, until we remember that Sir Mark is famously unable to wipe his own arse. Must get messy Chez Thatch.

Also, it appears that while he was in a detention facility, Mark had his cellphone and wallet stolen, and was about to part with his jacket before the police intervened. We can only hope that Pinochet, who was recently stripped of immunity from prosecution, suffers a downfall no less ignominious.

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