Busy bees blog badly. I’m waiting for a weekend, or an evening, or morning, or just any time of day where I can sit down and think about what the hell I’ve been up to over the past few weeks. Need to make time for proper blogging too. In the meantime, here’s a small digital dividend from a rather hectic schedule- I’ve been inducted into a fine new circle of South African iconoclasts at Red. Among the joys to be found there is a rap duel between Anarchists and Trotskyists, a Raptabate, originally, I think, from New York IMC.

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All Yesterday’s Children

Just back from seeing a fantastic film. “Yesterday”, the first, long overdue, movie to be filmed in Zulu, tells the story of Yesterday, “named like that by my father. He said things were better yesterday than today”, a woman diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. It’s a spectacular fable, one that never relents in the physical portrayal of the disease, but pays almost-even-handed attention to the social context of AIDS in rural KwaZulu-Natal. In moments, notably the discussion in which village women debate whether to let their children play near Yesterday’s deeply ill HIV+ husband, are moments of triumph, even as they show the triumph of ignorance over compassion. And Lihle Mvelase’s portrayal of Yesterday’s daughter deserves far wider recognition than she’s ever likely to receive. Go see.