Food, glorious

A couple of years back, The Voice of the Turtle saluted Think Again’s Queer Youth Manifesto. The accolade has clearly spurred the comrades there to greater heights of creativity. Go look see, and be sure to ogle their propaganda series on food. Their new book, A Brief History of Outrage, is bound to be good too. And, final plug, if you enjoy words with your outrage, check out the new issue of Chimurenga.

[if white people didn’t invent air, what would we breathe?]


Following up on the anti-Cow Parade debate, some old but good news on Cow Parade Cows being taken hostage in Stockholm. The ransom was to have the cows declared “non-art”. The Cow Paraders didn’t comply and, although the article doesn’t say, I’d like to think that the fibreglass beasts met a sticky end. More here. Via DK.

Time for a thong

A brief posting today, continuing the Great Religious Debate with news of an important new fashion accessory.

Click here to buy your little slice of god. Lest it seem, however, that sides are being taken, and to prove that, in any case, Christianity is an upstart in the religious world, Class Worrier is proud to present a world exclusive: not a single item, but an entire line of authentic Hindu clothing with genuine links to real mythology. The Raj Patel Thong Collection. After all, we at Class Worrier don’t like to be accused of taking cheap shots at sacred cows.

Props to David Kalal.

In between imperia

An appeal for help from Okinawa, specifically but not exclusively directed at our Japanese and American readers (all two of you). Seems like your governments are misbehaving themselves again, silly things. The U.S. government in particular has chosen this moment to go ahead an just built that desperately needed new air force base on top of that irritating coral reef, despite the entreaties of most of Okinawa’s residents. A few Okinawans, those who already do brisk trade in servicing servicemen, don’t seem as disgruntled. The majority, however, are extremely annoyed. Now I’m not a big fan of the internet petition but, as Kelly Dietz, from whom this appeal comes, points out that

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Today marks the one hundredth worry posted here at CW. And what a lot there is to agonise over. Over at The Voice of the Turtle, we’ve just posted a reminder to put the whole election process into perspective since it is merely the occasion on which “te oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” More here.

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