We’re All Going to Die #5

I’m back again, but not for long. Just long enough to tell a couple of stories of why I’ve been a less than diligent blogger.

In the best tradition of Class Worrier’s We’re All Going To Die series, here’s a wailing article on Zimbabwe and Mbeki’s responsibility to intervene. I’ve managed to make a fool of myself in writing back to the Financial Times with this letter, and misnaming the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

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Excuses excuses

Dear reader, time for one of those intermittent months of blogging. But just look at why. This week saw the 29th International Armwrestling Championships here in Durban, which were deeply absorbing for all involved. It wasn’t hard to spot the participants – they tended to be the balding men with arms as wide as their necks. The Russians and Ukrainians have something of a natural advantage – it’s all the wanking – and they went on to dominate, dislocating other nations left right and centre. Plus ça change. The diaspora scored a small victory, however – you’ll be pleased to hear that I prevailed in the ‘arm-twisting’ category.

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