We’re All Going to Die #5

I’m back again, but not for long. Just long enough to tell a couple of stories of why I’ve been a less than diligent blogger.

In the best tradition of Class Worrier’s We’re All Going To Die series, here’s a wailing article on Zimbabwe and Mbeki’s responsibility to intervene. I’ve managed to make a fool of myself in writing back to the Financial Times with this letter, and misnaming the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Despite the error, the point still stands – Mbeki isn’t going to intervene because there’s too much South African profiteering going on in Zimbabwe. Also, and the constraints of letters to the editor didn’t permit other arguments, Mbeki’s scared of condoning anything that looks like the basis for independent political parties in Zimbabwe. COSATU’s support of the ZCTU sets an unpleasant precedent for the President back home. Finally, and thanks to Sean for pointing this out, it’s far from clear that intervention from Mbeki is going to do any good. What, after all, would he do??

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