Funny old world

Funny how one thing leads to another. Today, for instance, I was driving along chatting on my cellphone when I was pulled over by a motorcycle policeman for driving and using a cellphone.

He asked me for my driving licence, and I realised I’d left it at home. So then he tells me that it’s funny how one thing leads to another, as he’d never have known I was driving along without a driving licence had he not caught me on the phone.

As he was filling out the citation, he asks me where I work, and I tell him, and he asks which department, and I tell him, and then he asks if I know So-and-So who taught him when he was an undergraduate, and I tell him that if he hadn’t bloody pulled me over, I’d still it talking to fucking So-and-So thank you very much.

Still, just shows.

For instance, if I weren’t drugged to the gills on no-doze cough medicine (can’t sleep: CLOWNS will EAT ME) I’d never have found this splendid Cuban news-site, from which I then discovered that nearly 1/4 of Cuba is covered forest (an improvement on last year), and that a Russian-Cuban child genius has invented several kinds of pumpless-refrigerator.

Oh how one thing leads to another. And then I went and read a bunch of open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond. Bless McSweeneys.

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