Leaving cyberspace: report on an experiment

Right then. Back to blogging after my longest period away from email since, um, 1997. Two whole weeks. Because I am, as anyone knows, foremost a social scientist, I kept a diary of the entire experience. Initial response to email deprivation included dry mouth, slight tremors, anxiety and mild nausea. These symptoms soon abated when, four days into the experiment, books, music and conversation replaced the need for email. Nonetheless, a gnawing craving burst through on day six, and the subjects drove 100km over a dirt road in order to find a place that allegedly had internet access. The allegations proved to be false, and initial symptoms briefly returned. Days eight, nine, and ten saw a predominance of euphoric spells, with occasional singing to self, but as day fourteen, and the conclusion of the experiment, approached, initial symptoms returned, together with periods of foreboding and dread at the thought of clearing the impending accumulated email clutter. So now you know.

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