Schadenfreude watch

This is a little old, but it’s tremendously revealing of the state of mind of the World Bank staff. They feel, it seems, that Wolfowitz is an inappropriate person to head their organization. And, check this. It’s not only because he doesn’t know anything about development. It’s because he may or may not be shagging a staff member. I suppose with six billion of us on the planet, one of us had to find the man attractive. Hard to believe, but I suppose if there’s one of them, there might be more. I look forward to a Boeing-like scandal, or maybe even shenanigans with the interns, in the near future.

Ultimately, though, it’s good to see the Bankers squirm because of policies that are imposed on them without their consent, choice, or approval. Oh, except the guy who says “I would rather be led strongly even if I don’t agree”, who clearly is just after a good spanking.

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