More World Bank fun

A few links for World Bank obsessives, the first being a link to a link back to this very page. Not terribly helpful in the long run, but the journey’s entertaining- follow the white rabbit to the World Bank President site, and see what the NGO world in the EU and US are up to.

Then check out some of nuggets of wisdom from Wolf2 himself, including the observation that ” if we liberate Iraq those resources will belong to the Iraqi people, that they will be able to develop them and borrow against them.” Clearly, Wolf-2 is a man with a plan.

And then ponder this: a comrade was making a list of awful things that Wolfowitz might do at the helm of the World Bank, only to realise that Wolfensohn had already done them.

Finally, marvel at the Daily Show‘s analysis.

And then you should probably take a walk, meet people, get out a little.

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