Disinformation and pitchforks

The Newsweek fiasco vindicates Naomi Klein’s sensible thoughts on torture – the bodies subject to misinformation and disorientation aren’t only the ones living the horrors in Abu Ghraib. But only one blogger has had the courage to speak the difficult truth. That blogger is Medium Lobster. Quoth:

Newsweek – and the entire liberal media! – is responsible for smearing America’s good name with the blood of innocents. This is a violation which must be answered for, and there is no answer for it but the replacement of the free press with the only entity pure enough and untainted enough to restore the image of America’s government: America’s government. The Medium Lobster can direct you to the torches and pitchforks.

Read Medium Lobster, Fafnir and Giblets over at Fafblog!

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