55% Non!

The French have told Chirac et al to fuck off. “In the final count, the “no” won by a clear 2 million votes, 55 % from the left (from the Socialist Party and left) and 45 % from the right (including the UMP, the UDF and the National Front). Seventy five per cent of industrial workers and 66% of employees, voted no.”, says Nick Bullard, who has just returned from the vin rouged celebrations in Paris.

Looking, as one does, for informed commentary on the events of the day, I went on over to Paris.Indymedia. There, you can delight in “L’oligarchie britannique nous appelle – voter OUI” – the British Oligarchy calls on us to vote YES. Who are the evil doer promoting sedition among the French? Er, the scientific journal, Nature, who wanted a Oui to further intra-European scientific collaboration. Not the most compelling argument, but then of course, it’d be odd for Nature to be arguing for a Oui vote on grounds that it’d be good for the marginal tax rate.

I’m sure there are other more insidious people out there to play the role of the evil British oligarchy, though non? Like, for instance, the British traditional leadership. Headline news in the South African Sunday Times today was this news from the beginning of the month about the pittance that the Windsor traditional authority pays in rent for its palaces. Bet they were gunning for a non as well. Fuckers.

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