Mbeki Tells It How It Is

Regular readers will recall Mrs Thatcher explaining monetarism.Seems as if Cde Mbeki has been taking clarity lessons from the great dame. In this week’s ANC Today, the President explains the compatibility of vast job losses and grinding poverty with a glowing assessment of the ANC’s economic record

“In other words, with reference to the paradigm of simple logic, a specific progression from the particular to the general has sought to present a general picture that is putatively consistent with the particular, but is, in fact, inconsistent with the overall general reality. “

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short tales

There’s a new kid on the blog. Check DS, and his heavy-weight thoughts on South African politics, here. He’ll make it to the sidebar just as soon as I get my shit together. Past experience suggests that this may take some time.


Been doing a bit of gastronomic detective work of late. Some may know that Pythagoras had a thing about beans, forbidding those in his retinue, men and women, from ever going near them. But why? Colin Spencer in his wonderfully readable, highly speculative and often flat batty “Vegetarianism: A History” suggests: Continue reading “Pythagorarse”


Q:How do you know the car in front of you contains the KwaZulu-Natal Anglican bishop?
A: The number-plate is “Bishop ZN”.
Just thought you should know.


Carn’t sleep. Not last night neither. At least not until 6am. And then was woken up at midday by a glorious bit of close-harmony May Day celebration booming across from the sports fields outside my flat. Good times.

Why my mum will be voting Green

This will be the first British election in which I won’t actually cast my own vote. Luckily, my mum has stepped up to the plate, and will be voting for me. No postal vote allowed, since I won’t actually be in the country to fill it out and send it in. So I’ve proxied my poor mother to stuff the ballot box on Karl Marx’s birthday. And this election, like every other, I’ll vote Green. Except that my mum will.

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