Once more, with feeling

Once again, the good folk at Kennedy Road, together with a widening group of supporters, took to the streets to tell their corpulent councillor quite what they thought of him. They did this by mourning his death. Among the wails, his passing was grieved with cries of “No one abused us like he did” and “No one gave us biryani at election time like Baig”. Baig, unrepentently alive, didn’t see the funny side, and hid inside an armoured personnel carrier for the duration, emerging only to accept a memorandum. The little shit.

Best moment involved some dodgy looking Afrikaans speaking teenagers. They came with signs demanding toilets. People asked what they were doing there. They said that they were from an orphanage in Pretoria, and were on a camping holiday. One of the people who cleans their toilet block lives in Kennedy Road, and had told them of the march. So they’d come down to support him. Good people.

Anyway, some snaps up online here, hosted at the excellent SouthAfrica.Indymedia.org.

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