Pakistan Quake

Oxfam is pointing out the obvious once again, but it really doesn’t hurt to restate – people in the aftermath of the South Asian earthquake are being allowed to die. The UN is finding it unusually hard to raise cash. The Beeb reports Oxfam as saying

the US, Japan, Germany and Italy have given much less then they could have done according to the size of their economies…[and].. Belgium, France, Austria, Finland, Greece, Portugal and Spain – had so far donated nothing at all.

Do both write to your parliamentary representative to let them know you’re appalled, but also send cash direct to Pakistan. Best place to send it – and comrades in and from Pakistan speak with one voice on this – is the Edhi Foundation. They’re not online, but some bright sparks based out of MIT have put together this website through which you can funnel funds. Let them know that you want to donate to Edhi or, indeed, ADP which also gets a thumbs up.

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