The Sunday Times Reports Ashwin Desai’s Reinstatement – in 2003

More news on Ashwin Desai’s campaign. Turns out that the Sunday Times in 2003 printed an article celebrating Ashwin’s reinstatement at the University of Durban-Westville (text-only version available here). And the then-deputy chair of council, now-attorney general of KwaZulu-Natal went on air last week saying that Ashwin had “most definitely” been “rehabilitated” in 2003. Which leaves our Vice-Chancellor in an awkward position. Always one to share, the Vice-Chancellor has left the country, putting on of his deputies in an awkward position too. But not without, yesterday, announcing in the Sunday Times that Noam Chomsky is possibly senile. The Chomskians in our linguistics department are very upset. As are the people he maligns and betrays at the beginning of the Sunday Times interview.