Cheney’s Got A Gun

Good new things on the Ashwin Desai Struggle sub-site, including a recent spat in the pages of the Mail and Guardian here in South Africa, in which Makgoba opines that New Media is the ” ‘opiate’of the weak and disgruntled forces globally” and Desai responds by comparing the Vice-Chancellor to his aunty Ivy. Plenty worth reading here (scroll to the newest newspaper articles).

Luckily, I can’t possibly be weak or disgruntled. I’ve not been blogging properly for over a week, and have successfully been conducting an off-line life with few withdrawal symptoms. Had I been more addictively online, I’d have noticed that this post didn’t quite make it out of the Draft Post folder. It came in last week, following the news of the Vice President of the United States’s drunken gun story. Aziz Choudry, comrade, activist, antipodean, and eighties junkie, has offered this hymn:

Cheney’s Got A Gun
Cheney’s Got A Gun
His dog day’s just begun
Now everybody is on the run
What did Harry do?
It’s Cheney’s last I.O.U.

He had to take him down easy
And put a bullet near his heart
He said ’cause nobody believes me
The man looked like a birdie
He ain’t never gonna be the same

(c) Choudry/Aerosmith/Church of England.

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