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My first book, Stuffed And Starved, is now available. It’s a story of the global food system, about why there are one billion overweight people and nearly a billion going hungry, and about the millions of people who are fighting back. The book has an accompanying website here.

The purpose of this site today is to collect not only some of the work I’ve done, but also to point to others’ work, from which I continue to learn.

For instance, I’ve spent some time living in South Africa, and when there, worked with the Durban Shackdweller Movement – Abahlali baseMjondolo. I’m their webweaver, and their site is here.

I’m also a board member of the Ota Benga Alliance, a group that promotes social change and healing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and beyond. Do visit their site here.

So what’ll you find here? Well, below, some of the latest headlines from Stuffed and Starved, Abahlali baseMjondolo‘s website and the Ota Benga Alliance. You can find a growing archive of academic work, and archive of journalism.

And if there are things you’d like to see here, do drop a line using the contact form.

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