Fake News, Real Fear, No Democracy

The Daily Show's John Oliver interviews woodland creatures

I’m looking forward to The Daily Show this evening – John Oliver was out interviewing the little woodland creatures (or so they appeared) who were part of the protest rainbow today at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Undoubtedly, they’ll be made to look foolish (and in all likelihood, they had it coming). It’s sad that Comrade Oliver couldn’t interview folk from inside the G20 building – they are idiots of a far more dangerous stripe. But before I opine about them, a quick thought about what happened outside the G20 today. … read more »

Two thousand litres of oil per American

When it comes to broadcast media, nothing beats radio. It’s fast, cheap, out of control, and the medium through which I’ve learned more about the world than any other.

So here’s a post about radio. First, a rant. If there’s a hell, the creators of the Chevron radio adverts (which sound like this) will one day finds themselves there, listening to their wretched creation on loop, in perpetuity. From the very first pensive piano note, everything about the ad spits disingenuity, deceit and greenwash. There hasn’t been an occasion where I’ve heard the opening notes and not changed the station. The net effect is to make me want to give money to these people, who have a much firmer grasp of Chevron’s environmental commitments.

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