Behind the Label

A list of which major multinational is behind your granola bar

Okay, it’s time to clear up the backlog of unposted bits and pieces. This one makes it to the front page because it’s got an ace visual: a wee chart that shows you which major US food conglomerate owns your favourite crunchy hippy brand of processed food. It’s put together by the folk at Good Magazine and it’s a healthy reminder that there are big big bucks to be made from selling us food that looks almost exactly like it’ll make a difference to the world.

It’s a wonder that anyone’s surprised by this. If you were a major food multinational, you’d be looking for a slice of the new ethical consumer market too. Does it mean you have to stop producing the same slop that you normally do? Certainly not. It’s just an opportunity to cash in (with consumers of Boca burgers prepared to pay more than those of regular burgers, despite their being cheaper to produce) to a genuine concern about the environment and animal welfare.

Many thanks to Anirvan for sharing.

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