Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

We recently stumped up not-very-much money to subscribe to Vanity Fair, and it’s a subscription we’re likely to keep, especially now that we’re practiced in ignoring the large wodge of adverts for cosmetics and high fashion that fill out the space between articles.

This month’s issue is “The Green Issue”. Again, ignoring Madonna on the front cover, there’s some fine journalism to be found. In particular, there’s a very good exposé of Monsanto’s seedy practices. (An unintentional pun but worth keeping, I feel.)

Check it out here. Oh, and like the article says, if you’ve not seen Michael Clayton, do rent it, not only for Tilda Swinton and George Clooney, but for the brilliant advert for the thinly disguised version of Monsanto, the chemical company “U-North”. It’s eerily similar to Monsanto’s campaigns.

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