Now with added mortality!

I’m in the land of Diet Coke Plus, the absurd end-point to the fad of adding nutrients to food from which those same nutrients were systematically stripped out.

So there’s no small amount of schadenfreude on hearing that the supplementation of ones diet with these vitamins might, er, kill you.

The study is looked at the diet of nearly a quarter of a million people, tracing the impact of anti-oxidants. The result? “Beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E seem to increase mortality…”

Is the solution improved vitamins? You can certainly bet that the supplementation industry will be announcing, in short order, the advent of ‘food-based sources’ of the chemicals involved, and new ways of delivering these supplements in ways that approach natural doses.

But if you’re going for food based sources of vitamins, then there’s a simple and obvious solution – don’t piss about with Diet Coke Plus or anything else – eat food.

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