Peoples’ Movements Under Attack in Oaxaca, Mexico

Protest in Oaxaca
Via Campesina the international peasant movement has called for an international day of action at Mexican embassies around the world on 10 December in protest at the increasingly savage repression of peasant leaders in Oaxaca. In their words:

Oaxaca, Mexico, is currently the target of massive state-led repression, in n attempt to exterminate the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca APPO), which is a legitimate movement composed of social organizations, peasants, indigenous people, trade unions, neighborhood organizations, and teachers, which demands the removal of Oaxaca state governor Ulises Ruiz, as well as a profound political reform and public policies that would favor sectors of society who have traditionally been excluded. Oaxaca is one of the poorer states in Mexico, with the highest proportion of indigenous peoples, who have deep traditions. Since last Saturday, November 25, the federal Preventive (militarized) Police (PFP) and the state police have been carrying out brutal repression against the entire population of the city of Oaxaca (the state capital).

The New Left (Nueva Izquierda) of Oaxaca, a member organization of the APPO, is part of UNORCA (Via Campesina). At dawn on Sunday, November 26, paramilitary forces of the government burned down the offices of New Left and of one of its leaders, Flavio Sosa-one of the principal members of the collective leadership of the APPO (and UNORCA)-who is now facing death threats, plus multiple orders of arrest, and his brother Eric and his cousin Jorge are now political prisoners. César Mateos, another important leader
of New Left (and UNORCA) has been disappeared.

Find out more here and an update here.

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