Stuffed and Starved: The Carbon Offsets

In writing Stuffed and Starved I was lucky enough to interview farmers and movement activists across the world. This meant travelling, and this means CO2 emissions. A generous totting up of the distances travelled puts the figure involved in writing Stuffed and Starved at around 60,000 miles which, using the carbon calculator here means that I put 24 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

I’ve been trying to find out a little about how best to offset it. First, here’s a range of carbon calculators. Then you need to figure out how to offset. My good friend Anirvan Chatterjee shopped around and found out that there’s a considerable price range in the offset market:

  • $7.27/ton
  • $24/ton
  • $14.57: ton
  • $14.73: ton
  • $10/ton
  • $17.72/ton
  • $12/ton
  • $20/ton

    And price, predictably, isn’t the best guide to the surest way of making sure that your offsets are actually offsetting. There’s only a little correlation between price and this independent assessment of performance, which finds these top performers…

    Still, it means that when the royalty money comes in, I’ll be sending off a cheque to Native Energy. And in the meantime, reading the report to understand quite why.

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