This is What DewMocracy Looks Like

File under: You Can’t Make this Shit Up.

Vote for Revolution

I’m in Seattle at the moment, for the first time since the protests against the World Trade Organization in 1999. And a friend at the Community Alliance for Global Justice passed on this little nugget.

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew brand is deciding which of three new flavours of soda to unleash on the market: Revolution, Voltage or SuperNova. You, dear consumer, can decide in a process that they’ve dubbed “DewMocracy”.

Seattle, remember, was where tens of thousands of us took to the streets and, through direct action and creativity, showed that This is What Democracy Looks Like. The tragedy here is that the laughable options that Mountain Dew offers is painfully close to the process of voting across the world: the dutiful and not entirely unpleasant task of putting an X next to our favourite sugared and corrosive candidate, just once every four years.

It’s good to remember, as the various documents about Seattle have, and promise to do, that there is a deeper meaning to democracy, and it’s not something we can shop for.