World Food Day 2007!

Food and Agricultural Organization logo

I’d forgotten. Today’s World Food Day. Appropriate that it should happen in World Debt Week, since the World Bank’s designs on agriculture will be coming out later this week. But there are deep differences between the Bank’s manifesto, and the vision put forward by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization which, this year, has chosen ‘the Right to Food’ as its theme. This is the same right to food that the rest of the world was prepared to embrace, but didn’t because the US opposed it, at the World Food Summit in 2002. The US-driven World Bank has little time for rights or, rather, the rights that excite them most are those concerning property, rather than humans. The right to food is to be found in the increasingly forgotten Universal Declaration of Human Rights – article 25 if you’re looking. You can read more on the right to food at FIAN, the German NGO that has done more than anyone else to get, and keep, this right on the international agenda.

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