I am, I was, I shall be…


San Francisco’s Slow Food Nation is gently being dismantled — even the Victory Garden will be dug up in November. But there are spaces where the good fight is being fought, and which will endure. Proving that public art has a place in that fight is Mona Caron. She already has a range of murals in and around the city, and her latest is in the Noe Valley neighbourhood, around a farmers market.

Like many of her works, it’s a temporal tableau, stretching from past, to present, to future, showing how the farmers market used to be and offering a vision of a future San Francisco, partially submerged in the distance, might one day be. It’s dark and light, whimsical and cutting, and well worth a look if you’re around. There’ll be a big inauguration party on the afternoon of 27th September – see you there.