Obesity Researchers Need to Understand Capitalism…

Yep, I’ve been a very delinquent blogger over the past week. Trying to work on the next book while keeping up with the developments in food politics this week has rather overwhelmed me.

While I figure out my time-management skills, here are a few gobbets of good things. First, via Marilyn, is a piece from SciDev, in which an epidemiologist points out the blindingly obvious to his peers:

To stem the spread of obesity, we must study the web of commercial interests and strategies driving it.

I shouldn’t mock. Obesity researchers have money thrown at them by the likes of Nestle and Coca-Cola. When the state’s funding for science is under attack, the private sector comes to look like your new best friend. And, in his splendid article, Jonathan Wells sets the record straight. To read it, click here.

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