Two events

Yay! I think I just broke the back of the new book. Watch this space for more on that front. But now that I’ve a draft that I’m reasonably happy with, I can return to more posting here, more activism, and a little bit more going outside than I’ve managed this year.

With that in mind, I’ve two events coming up over the next couple of days. If you’re in New York and are interested in the food riots that happened there in 1917, I’ll be talking tomorrow after a performance in Downtown Manhattan of Give Us Bread. I’ve written about this project before, and I continue to think it’s terrific. Do support them if you can, and if you’re free tomorrow night, do come along. Tickets here.

If you’re on the Left Coast, I’ll be giving my usual spiel this Saturday in San Francisco at the end of a fine day of food-related action and media organised by 3rd i. Again, if you’d like to see what can be done to feed the City, do come on by. Details here.

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