Buy Nothing Day

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day when US consumers rush to the shops, and spend until their eyes bleed. But tomorrow doesn’t inevitably have to involve running around with a credit card and bags of crap we don’t need.

One man who takes shopping’s stigmata very seriously is the Reverend Billy, preacher at the Church of Stop Shopping.

With an ear for scripture (the movie’s called What Would Jesus Buy) and an eye for viral marketing (the church is inspired by the “groundbreaking empire building of Staten Island’s notorious Wu Tang Clan”) the good Reverend is taking the message of salvation-without-shopping to the people.

And it turns out that it’s entirely possible to be happy without oodles of new consumer debt and spangly new toys. Who knew?

So, celebrate Buy Nothing Day in spiritual style either tomorrow in the United States, or Saturday Nov 28, by not shopping and discovering life without consumerism.

And, if you must buy something, my British publishers tell me, wait until next week, and then buy Nothing.

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