When Oliver Becomes Fagin

Here’s something on the WTO now up at Comment is Free.

When the World Trade Organisation talks collapsed in Seattle in 1999, there were parties in the streets, and a wailing and renting of clothes in the corridors of power. The failure of the Doha round of WTO talks in Geneva this week has drawn a more muted reaction from both its boosters and critics. In Seattle, it was possible to tell a story in which the voices of people on the streets mattered, and in which the disenfranchised had scored a victory against an unaccountable front company for international capital. This week’s failure had less to do with global justice, and much more to do with the growing pains of international capitalism.

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Women Worst Hit by the Food Crisis

This report is lifted from the pages of the excellent Pambazuka News, where it first appeared. It’s a much better and more thoughtful article than the one that appeared in the Washington Post. I’m not linking to it directly, but to the CommonDreams page, which has some excellent back-and-forth in the comments section, nailing quite precisely the patronising and infantilising attitudes that characterise a great deal of reporting on the food crisis. More below the fold

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Obesity Researchers Need to Understand Capitalism…

Yep, I’ve been a very delinquent blogger over the past week. Trying to work on the next book while keeping up with the developments in food politics this week has rather overwhelmed me.

While I figure out my time-management skills, here are a few gobbets of good things. First, via Marilyn, is a piece from SciDev, in which an epidemiologist points out the blindingly obvious to his peers: Continue reading “Obesity Researchers Need to Understand Capitalism…”