Food Fight at the New York Times

Last week, I chipped in a contribution (below) to a New York Times discussion on biotech. The debate garnered about a quarter as many reader responses as a previous one about the future of laundry in the 21st century. I’m not sure how to interpret that other than, simply, more people have opinions about laundry than about food. But don’t let that put you off visiting the site. There are some very fine (and sometimes very obtuse) comments beneath our interventions. More here.

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Support South African Shackdwellers

A bit of follow-up on the post I made on shackdwellers attacked by a mob in South Africa. Many are still in hiding, and the vibrant movement that was built by South Africa’s poorest people has been damaged. But they’re still organising, democratically, for change. If you’d like to support them, the South Africa Development Fund is collecting checks. Please mark them ‘for Abahlali’, and send em to

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