The Value of Nothing in the US

The Value of Nothing, US Cover

I’m on tour in the US! Truth be told, I’ve been on tour for a week, appeared on National Public Radio, and West Coast Live (like Prairie Home Companion, but funnier and with fewer banjos), and have cropped up at a the Commonwealth Club, and a bookstore or two in the San Francisco Bay Area. But now I’m on the road, hitting Boston, New York, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles with the book in hand.

The book itself is not an unmitigated disaster. It has kind (and starred) review from Publishers Weekly, was a book of the week in the UK Observer, and garnered kind words from Naomi Klein and Michael Pollan. Do check it out if you can. It’ll be in libraries, independent book stores and, if you must, online (in which case, please do leave a review here). Hell, even GQ liked it.

But if you’re around Boston, New York, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles or San Francisco, and able to make it in person to hear The Value of Nothing: The Stand Up Comedy Routine, here’s where I’ll be in the coming weeks:

**Monday Jan 11th**
BOSTON – Brattle Theatre – 6:00pm
40 Brattle Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

**Wednesday, January 13th**
NEW YORK – In conversation with Naomi Klein, bestselling author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo, and Amy Goodman, host of DemocracyNow!
New York Society for Ethical Culture – 7:00pm
2 West 64th Street
New York, NY 10023

**Thursday, January 14th**
WASHINGTON DC – Politics & Prose – 7:00 PM
5015 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

**Monday, January 18th**
Town Hall Seattle – 7:30pm
1119 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

**Tuesday, January 19th**
Powell’s – 7:30pm
1005 West Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97209

**Wednesday, January 20th**
LOS ANGELES Public Library – 7:00 PM
“ALOUD at Central Library”
630 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

**Tuesday, January 26th**
SAN FRANCISCO World Affairs Council of Northern California – 6:00pm
312 Sutter Street
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94108

2 Replies to “The Value of Nothing in the US”

  1. Glad to find the book in SF so fast–and looking forward to hearing you speak at the end of month.

    Curious to learn about commons for businesses.

  2. Hi Raj, I agree so far with what you have said in the video. It suddenly occured to me why we have value for nothing these days. Majority of the stuff on the net is free!!! we dont pay for it, barter for it or even bother to ask the question that people who did prepare these blogs or documents have spent their time and effort. Today the reason why a tomato picker does not make more money is not because he/she has a low level job but the way we economically calculate the value of it. As an agriculture scientist who developes new variety for the markets I can tell you that even my work is not valued. It takes 10-12 years of work including smart genetic thinking to get a variety out and every one eats what we do but there is no value for it as it is not entertainment or a luxury item. A tomato farmer needs to get a price not at the point of sale but a percentage similar to VAT every time the tomato goes from him to the retailer, restauranter, and consumer.This has to apply to every farming enterprise so that people will value what they eat. An IPod is not the same as a tomato. Infact tomato is more valuable as if IPOds dies one is only deprived of momentary entertainment. but if all tomatoes in the world died due to some disease, our health would be afffected. This value added price and not just value added tax is important in the world for it to realize that food is important and needs to be respected. This thinking has to apply for other so called things we take for granted. A football player should not be paid more than a farmer who feeds the world. It might happen sooner than we think as land is being grabbed for more population and we as a society need to understand that houses may be useful to live but without food living does not happen. indian government is seeing how the prices of food is increasing. It will continue to happen and then people will understand the value of food. I cant get the book in Australia yet.

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